Taking a Planned Approach to Training

To ensure that organisations are taking a planned and holistic approach to the development of their people, Adapt can assist by conducting:

  • Business Training Needs analysis – to determine the skills currently in the organisation and any skill gaps for current and future operation
  • Individual Training Needs analysis – to determine skills required for specific roles and any skill gaps in the individuals’ filling those role
  • Training and Development Plans – identifying all training requirements for the organisation and its people
  • HR forecast – identifying all future people and training requirements

Customised Training and Assessment

One of Adapt education’s key points of difference is its willingness to customise training and assessment requirements to match our clients needs. Examples of customisation include:

  • The development of work based projects – Instead of doing a project on a hypothetical company, we will identify possible projects that could be undertaken for the organisation. These projects can have a considerable impact on business improvement and enables students to work on projects during work time
  • Recognition of existing in house training – rather then double up on training already provided by the organisation through in house or other training, Adapt is happy to recognise such training and can schedule its assessment during or directly after such training so that students receive a streamlined learning experience
  • Acceptance of work samples – where RPL is not possible or not opted for, students may submit work samples in place of some assessment items. This ensures that students minimise time spent in areas they are already competent, allowing their focus to be targeted in key learning areas
  • Practical demonstrations and observations – In many instances the Adapt trainer will be able to observe students completing workplace tasks relevant to the requirements of a unit of competency. Observations can significantly reduce the written component of assessment
  • Alignment of training with current projects or duties – If students are aware of upcoming projects that may contribute to their course, Adapt will ensure that it is suitably scheduled. For example, John is required to prepare a business performance report at the end of the financial year. His course includes the unit ‘conduct research and analysis’ so this unit is also scheduled at the end of the financial year so that John can use the learnings from the unit to assist in the development of the report
  • Consideration of peak work periods and leave arrangements in training plan – Assessment due dates can be scheduled to meet student and business needs. Adapt will discuss any known ‘busy’ periods, upcoming projects anf leave arrangements with students at the commencement of a course so that a suitable training plan is developed

In most cases, course customisation does not cost more and there are numerous benefits for the organisation and the individual to be gained through customisation. Ask us how we can customise a course for you today.

Government Funded Training

There are a range of funding and subsidy programs aimed at training. Each program has its own unique aim and eligibility criteria. We can help you to identify if any of the currrently available programs may suit you or your staff. For more info go to our Government Funding page or contact us.


Online: Study from home or anywhere in the world! Access to interactive learning materials, video tutorials and online support groups are just a part of Adapt’s holistic on-line training.

Correspondence: receive a portfolio including workbooks, study resources and assessments at the commencement of the course. Correspondence training enables you to study anywhere without having to be connected to the internet all the time.

Blended: benefit from a combination of face-to-face sessions, online and/or correspondence learning modes. Great for those who are nervous about getting back into study.

Onsite: available to corporate groups and schools by negotiation.


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