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Teacher Aide Courses

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Government Funded Teacher Aide Course

Course Outlines:

These nationally recognised qualifications will build your ability to support students overcome learning barriers and achieve their educational goals.

CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support – The entry level qualification expected by most schools

CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support – For those with relevant experience or previous qualifications

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Is Self-Paced Study For Me?

Our flexible learning model is based around the Self-paced study mode. It’s a great option with many benefits:

  • Progress as fast as you like or take your time.
  • With no classes or lectures you can study from any location at times that suit you.
  • No assessment due dates to stress about.
  • Unlimited trainer support available by phone and email (you even get your trainer’s mobile number!)
  • Connect with other students through our online forums
  • Easy to navigate online system. The online course is interactive, meaning less reading and more visually engaging resources. If online isn’t for you than you can opt for correspondence (hard copy books) or a combination of the two modes…
  • Up to 2 years to complete. Note: students receiving the education supplement (Centrelink) may be obligated to complete in a shorter time frame.

Classroom Study Mode

Not sure if Self-Paced study is for you? Classroom programs may be available in SE QLD. Contact us now for current class intakes dates and venue locations.

Government Funding for Queenslanders

Adapt Education is funded by the QLD Government as a Skills Assure Supplier (SAS). Use the link below to check your eligibility.

If you answered YES to the questions in the Check Your Eligibility link above for your chosen qualification you will qualify for funding.

CHC30221 Certificate 3 in School Based Education Support: You will be funded through the Certificate 3 Guarantee subsidy. You will pay a student contribution fee:

  • $50 ($2.94/unit) Concession card holder
  • $100 ($5.88/unit) No Concession card

CHC40221 Certificate 4 in School Based Education Support: You will be funded through the Higher Level Skills Subsidy. You will pay a student contribution fee:

  • $100 ($5.88/unit) Concession card holder
  • $200 ($11.76/unit) No Concession card

To apply for this funding, simply submit your enrolment to Adapt Education.

Some important points about the QLD Government subsidised programs:

  • Students are only eligible for one subsidised training place
  • The Queensland Government student factsheet is available here.

Government Funding – Australia Wide

There are many different funding programs throughout each State you may be able to access. Funding programs include:

  • Centrelink – Education Supplement ($62 per fortnight, Available Australia Wide)
  • Traineeships – student and employer incentives for employing a trainee (Available Australia Wide – incentives vary in each State)
  • Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers over 40 – (50% of course fees funded, Available Australia Wide)
  • Certificate 3 Guarantee (QLD only)
  • Higher Level Skills (QLD only)

Please refer to our Government funding page for further information on each of these funding programs.

We get it! Working out whether you can gain funding can be tricky. Give us a call and we can assess immediately over the phone if you will qualify for any of the available funding or subsidy programs. 1300 380 335

Don’t qualify for funding? Payment plans from $25 per week available. View Fee Schedule.

Course Fees

Certificate III in Education Support

Certificate III in School Based Education Support



Standard Course Fee



Student Co-Contribution Fee for those who qualify for the Certificate 3 Guarantee Subsidy

$100 ($6.66/unit)

$50 ($3.33/unit)

Student Co-Contribution Fee for corporate groups (10+ students) who qualify for the Certificate 3 Guarantee Subsidy

$40 ($2.66/unit)

$25 ($1.66/unit)

Certificate IV in Education Support

Certificate IV in School Based Education Support



Standard Course Fee



Student Co-Contribution Fee for those who qualify for the Certificate 3 Guarantee Subsidy

$200 ($11.76/unit)

$100 ($5.88/unit)

Student Co-Contribution Fee for corporate groups (10+ students) who qualify for the Certificate 3 Guarantee Subsidy.

$40 ($2.35/unit)

$25 ($1.47/unit)

Payment plans are offered at no additional cost! That’s right, you DO NOT pay more if you opt for a payment plan. You nominate the payment periods (i.e. weekly, fortnightly or monthly). You nominate the amount you are comfortable paying (i.e. $50, $100, $200, etc.).

For information about the range of Government funding available go to our Government funding page.

For more information about course inclusions and exclusions go to our fee schedule page

Assessment & Practical Placement

Course assessment consists of two components:

  1. Theory – assessment methods may include: textbook activities, short answer questions, case studies, scenarios, projects and reports.
  2. Practical – achieved through observations through out your practical placement

Practical Placement – so many of our students gain employment as a result of their placement. It is a great learning experience and a chance to impress!

  • 100hrs placement in a school (Prep – Yr 12)
  • Complete your hours at any stage throughout your course
  • We can arrange your placement or you can arrange your own
Should I choose Certificate III or Certificate IV?

Certificate III in Education Support

Most students will start with this course. The significant majority of schools will require a teacher aide to posses a Certificate III. The Certificate III will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to complete the broad range of tasks expected of a teacher aide.

Certificate IV in Education Support

If you have relevant work experience or previous qualifications you may request to skip the Certificate III and commence at the Certificate IV level. The Certificate IV has more of an in-depth focus on working with children with learning difficulties, additional needs and disabilities. It also qualifies you to work unsupervised.

The Certificate III to Certificate IV Bridging program

The Certificate III & Certificate IV in Education Support qualifications do have a lot of overlap. If you have completed Certificate III in School Based Education Support, we do offer a bridging program across to the Certificate IV. This means that instead of completing an additional 17 units, you just complete the gaps between the Certificate III and the Certificate IV. Our bridging program will save you months of time spent on assessment and from $1180* is an affordable way to upgrade your qualifications. Download the Bridging Program Course Outline

*Prices will vary depending on the electives you have completed in your Cert III. Contact Adapt for a quote.

Students who qualify for the Higher Level Skills subsidy will pay $100 or $50 for concession card holders.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have completed qualifications in Childcare (Childrens Services) or you have experience or other relevant qualifications you may be eligible for RPL. We specialise in RPL and guarantee that we will maximise the credit you are eligible to receive.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • You will have a computer and access to the internet to complete the assessment requirements of the course. Please discuss with Adapt if this is an issue as strategies can be put in place to assist.
  • All students will complete a brief Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) test prior to commencing their course. Any students who does not meet the minimum standard for their course will be contacted to discuss options and strategies that can be put in place.

Working with Children Check

As working with children is a part of this course, it is required that students obtain clearance from the relevant authority prior to commencing their practical placement. In some jurisdictions students can apply for student/volunteer cards that are free but please remember that if you gain employment as a teacher aide you must hold the correct paid employee card.

How to Enrol

There are no set in-take dates so you can enrol whenever you’re ready!

  1. Read the Student Handbook and the Course Outline for your preferred course.
  2. Go to to complete and submit your enrolment online.


If you would like to discuss your enrolment with an adapt education staff member please call 1300 380 335 or email:

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Course Overview?

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